Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle

Hammered silver is so gorgeous and I absolutely love this simple bangle. It is planished flat with a silver hammer on one edge of the bangle which creates a striking contrast and modern feel. The surface of the round section of the bracelet has a subtle organic texture.

The planished edge is gently faceted and catches the light beautifully.

The Sterling silver wire is 2mm thick and comes in 3 sizes

Small (61mm)
Medium (65mm)
Large (69mm)

Sizes are approximate as due to the planished section of the bangle the metal is quite malleable which makes it easier to fit over your hand and knuckles.

The best way of measuring your size is to take the diameter (the inner measurement from side to side) of a round bangle that you already own and find the fit comfortable.

I can make the diameter larger or smaller if needed.

Each piece is individually made so may differ slightly from those in the photos.

PRICE IS FOR ONE BANGLE ONLY - if you want to order multiples of your size please contact me.

The bangle comes in a Stuff Made From Things box



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