Metta Hand Necklace - SISTERHOOD

METTA Hand Necklace

Metta is a Buddhist meditation meaning ‘Loving Kindness’ where we think and feel kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.

I wanted to bring together all the themes that are important to me SISTERHOOD, PROTECTION, MAGIC, JOURNEY, OBSERVE, HOPE and combine them with the powerful symbolism of the hand.

Hands are important across continents and cultures. The hand in sculpture, art and life is seen as many things but for me they are gentle, protective, powerful and steadfast.

As a reiki therapist I see hands as a symbol of healing and I like to think that my jewellery carries with it some of that energy for the wearer.

These pendants are hammered, hand punched and made extra special by a silver plated or gold plated finish. They measure 5cm and are hung on a blackened brass 18 inch chain.

This pendant carries the bold stamping of the word SISTERHOOD. The bands around the ring finger represent friendship, bonds and commitment. There is good fortune in the number three, and there is so much good fortune to be found in your sisterhood.

They come in a Stuff Made From Things gift box with an affirmation card that you can stick on your mirror or in your purse as a little reminder of the direction you are going in. These necklaces also make lovely, positive gifts for special friends.

Each necklace is made to order and will take a couple of days

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