OBSERVE Black Moon Necklace


OBSERVE Black Moon Necklace

OBSERVE Necklace - It is time to bring some awareness in to your life. To look inward and notice what’s there. It is time to pay compassionate attention to your world.

Are you awake? Are you making sure you keep the people that make you feel good close? Are you being kind to yourself? Are the stories that you are telling yourself positive, forward moving or even true? Are you repeating patterns or behaviours that aren’t doing you any favours?

You don’t need to have the answers, just ask the questions.

This necklace is a reminder to observe, notice and appreciate gratefully the beneficial stuff in your life and know when to quietly say farewell to the detrimental things.

This necklace is raw brass with an eye motif and surrounded by a blackened brass crescent moon - it’s hung on an 18 inch black chain and in a Stuff Made From Things box with an affirmation card

There are only 8 of these beautiful necklaces


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